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Let us Introduce Ourselves

David and Whitney Motorcycles_light.jpg

We are the 123 WIP Studio owners, Whitney & David Greer, and we’ve spent the last 30+ years adventuring together. Wherever we’ve traveled in the world or lived, we’ve shared our love of adventure and discovery with others. 


Whether petting a puma on a ship’s deck, making a Paella party for 50, or inviting habitat gardeners to teach at our home. 


This is how a 20-year idea germinated from me, Whitney, an event planner, presentation and media coach, turned storyteller and artist and David, a space geek turned woodworker and maker. 


From our penchant for party throwing and learning in nature, the idea for 123 Work In Progress Art & Story Studios was born. 


Then we found a place - in the beautiful Piedmont of Central North Carolina - close to Chapel Hill and the artist community in Pittsboro. 


As soon as we stepped on the groomed wooded trails, saw a blue heron in the creek, a hawk skimming through the trees, and the 4,000-square-foot studio, we knew we’d found our place.


For Creativity, Connections & Community.


We invite you to join us for an adventure in this special place.

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